Kyle Robidoux is an avid skier, runner, local beer enthusiast, and non-profit manager who has worked tirelessly to ensure that he is not defined by the boundaries that others place on him and his vision.



Born in Massachusetts and raised in Maine, Kyle was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a degenerative eye disease that first affects your night vision and often leads to complete blindness, at age 11 and was declared legally blind at 19

Right: Kyle finishing the 2016 Boston Marathon

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In 2010 Kyle was close to 250 pounds, heading down the path to type II diabetes, and having a hard time playing with his young daughter. He began to walk. Then he started to run for 30 minutes. Then an hour. Then two hours. After that two-hour run, Kyle thought he would never run that far again—until he signed up for his first race, the Maine Half Marathon.

Left: Kyle with his daughter


Kyle has now completed over 25 marathons and ultramarathons, including five Boston Marathons and three 100-mile races. In the summer of 2018, Kyle, with the support of his sighted guides, completed the grueling six-day, 120-mile Transrockies Run, which includes over 23,000 feet of elevation gain.

Right: Kyle facing difficult terrain at Transrockies Run

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Kyle has focused his professional and personal career on building community. He has spent 20 years working in the nonprofit sector, including as a housing advocate helping individuals staying in shelters find permanent homes and as a community organizer. Most recently he has directed three programs for a local blindness organization.

Left: Kyle speaking at the Olmstead Center for Sight Conrad N. Hilton Distinguished Speakers Series

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 Kyle has presented to elementary, high school, and college classrooms as well as conferences as a keynote speaker. As a trained group facilitator, Kyle thrives in interactive settings and is comfortable leading Q&A sessions. His personal, professional, and endurance running experiences influence the themes of his talks:


— Successful goal setting —

— Effective team building —

— Pushing through the highs and lows of life —

— Keeping it Real: how life mirrors the ups and downs of ultra running —

Kyle was a truly amazing speaker. He was not only honest and inspiring about his experiences as a blind father, professional, and athlete, but he was also humorous and heartfelt.
— Brooke Kibrick, Marketing & Events Director Olmsted Center for Sight
Kyle fully engaged the audience as he shared details on how a sighted athlete can help guide a blind runner. Through his presentation, Robidoux opened the eyes of every attendee to the possibilities of reaching a more inclusive tribe of trail racers, with several race directors adding VI/AWD divisions to their races as a direct result.
— Terry Chiplion, Director, U.S. Trail Running Conference

Upcoming Events:

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